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Pak Hunters

[#]OP[#]Payback - Cyber war
[#]OP[#]Free kashmir
What We Ask From India All The Time Is Only Kashmir
Most of The Times We Don\'t Act Like That But This Is the Only Way Left

Why Indian Army Is Killing Innocent\'s In Kashmir?
We Just Ask U These Simple Questions And The Indian Government Got No Answers?... Why?
This Is The Only Way Left To Protest For Us
For What You Are Scared of ? India Will Loose The Beauty Of Kashmir ?
How Many Muslim Brothers Being killed On Daily Basis Did You Ever Thought ?
A 16-Year Old Girl Raped And Killed A Boy Shot In the Head For What ? Because They Are Protestors ?
All We Ask Is Just The Answer Of These Questions Nothing Personal ....
You Will pay For These Sins One Day.
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